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Frequently Asked Questions​

Once you place your order, and the payment is confirmed, you will receive 2 emails from us, first one instanly, it contains payment confirmations, second one shortly, time we prepare everything for you and it contains the login details and the instructions, if you didn’t find it in your inbox check your spam/junk folder.

However, in the rare occasion it may take up to 24 hours maximum to deliver your order.

If you placed your order and you didn’t get the email that contained the login details in 24 hours maximum, we kindly ask you to check your spam/junk folder, if you still cannot find it, contact us via :

If you just received your account username and password, tried to log in but got a message saying “invalid or has expired” That could only mean 2 things

1 – You are using a VPN which blocks our servers
2 – Your ISP is blocking our servers which mean you will need to use a VPN to bypass it

You Should know that our service is a no buffering  with anti-freeze technologie, we monitor our servers 24/7 in case there is any issue we are the first one to know, so if you are facing any buffering issues its from your side that is why we highly recommend getting a TRIAL FIRST

Troubleshooting steps

The first thing to do is to restart your router, and device and try again. This helps in many cases.
If the issue continues, you must test the internet speed directly from your device.
Open this website: www.fast.com directly from your streaming device (not a different). The result should be 20 Mbps or higher.
If your device is not getting the proper speed or your internet provider is throttling your connection, you’ll experience buffering.

If you still keep getting buffering, check these steps:
– Ethernet cable is recommended over wifi (if possible)
– Update your Device to the latest update available to you
– Delete your profile/user and re-type it again
– Change Video Player for settings choose another player
– Change app by downloading another app from our instructions page
– Try a VPN, sometimes using a VPN can help

If you still keep getting buffering after trying all the above steps then you will need to contact your ISP to assist you

There is no device limit but One connection at a time which mean you can on stream 1 device at the same time
More connections cost extra (up to 3)  you will find connections price before checkout

You can’t add an additional connection to an active account
You can either wait until it expires or purchase a second account

If the app kicks you to the main menu that means the app/device can’t handle all countries package.
This can be fixed by removing unneeded countries from your playlist

Example Message: “Please remove non-speaking english countries from my playlist”

This will improve app performance and speed also

Go to setting, EPG then refresh it
If that doesn’t work
Delete your account then re-add it back

No, roku is not supported because the device doesn’t support IPTV

if you bought our service without knowing that then we won’t be able to refund your payment

This can be easily fixed by remove unneeded countries. it will improve app speed by a lot

Contact us with your account username to do that for you

No, we do not recommend using it unless you know what you are doing as it may ban your account permanently if used wrongly.

You are only allowed to use it if it was advised by the customer service.

No, check our refund policy page via this link : https://www.primostv.com/refund-and-returns-policy/

  • Any Brand of Smart TV or Android/Apple Device or Firestick or Magbox(all types), Nvidia Shield, Smartphones or Computer/PC + Internet.
  • You also require internet connection connected to your device.
  • If your have any of the above devices + Internet, you can Subscribe and Get connected immediately.

No physical installation is required. After Subscribing, just follow easy setup instructions sent on email.

Configuration Instructions are automatically sent on email with the login details.

No. When you buy your IPTV subscription from us, you are free to use the service for the duration purchased.

If you decide not to renew your subscription or not use our service anymore you are free to do so.

99% Uptime Guarantee on the service. The service is available 24/7/365. If you have an issue contact us and it should be responded to within the shortest period usually within an hour or less during working hours.

There are no Perfomance issues. Our IPTV works worldwide so long as you have an internet connection. If you experience any issue please contact us and we should respond within an hour or less during the working hours.

We only store the data you provide while signing up. They include:

  • Your Name to create your account.
  • Your Email Address to send you the login details.
  • Your Phone Number to contact you via whatsapp if we couldnt reach you via email for any reason.

We do not store any payment details at all. We do not send promotional emails or sms.

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